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Stainless Steel

Chain Franco With Medallion Egyptian Pendant MNG-102



Chaine Franco 10K 2.2MM With Jesus En or 10K MNG-031


MNG-031 jericho-26p2.2mm-8.80g

Chaine Franco 10K 2.2MM With Medallion Angle 10K MNG-050



Chaine Franco 10K 2.2MM With Medallion De Jesus 10K


MNG-030 livorno-28p11.10g2.2mm-11.10g

Chaine Franco en OR 10K With Globe 10K MNG-103



Franco 5MM en OR With Pendentif Angle 10K MNG-044



Franco en OR 5MM With Pendentif Angle 10K MNG-045



Meremarie 2.5MM 10K With AHOTEP en OR 10K MNG-034



MNG-028 vitoria-28p2.2mm-10.90g



MNG-029 nazareth-26p2.2mm-8.60g



MNG-048 abbe-26p2.2mm-9.05g


MNG-048 abbe-26p2.2mm-9.05g

MNG-049 amen-28p2.2mm-9.45g



MNG-051 atlamura-28p2.2mm-12g



MNG-052 babel-26p2.2mm-9.15g



MNG-054 benito-26p-2.2mm-10.55g



MNG-055 cesar-28p2.2mm-18.30g